What is blog hosting?

What is blog hosting?Whether you’re just considering starting a blog or you’ve had one on a free platform for a while, you might have come across the term “blog hosting”. It’s something that a lot of people will be recommending to you, each with their own ideas of what is the best way to host your blog and who with.

Many bloggers start out with a simply a free platform, usually either WordPress or Blogspot. But there are huge benefits to having your blog self-hosted.

But let’s start at the very beginning (it’s a very good place to start!):

What is blog hosting?

To put it simply, blog hosting (known also as “self-hosting) is the space your blog sits in on the internet.

Here’s the way I see it. Think about your blog as a physical space, for example, a house, and the internet as the world. A hosting company has servers, which I tend to think of as the town in which your blog sits. (Although your blog doesn’t have to be related in any way to the other blogs in that neighbourhood, they just simply bought space near you!). Your blog will sit on the hosting company’s servers so that people can access it.

When you purchase blog hosting, you own all the content on your blog. This is why it’s known as self-hosting. If you blog on a free platform, you share servers with countless other blogs, and the platform owns your content.

How can I get blog hosting?

My recommendation is to use Rochen.

This is the hosting company I currently use. They have a number of options for web hosting and their customer service is second to none – I recently had an issue with one of my blogs not loading due to a brute force attack. I contacted them and within minutes they had blocked the IP that was attacking the blog and responded to let me know. I’ve never had such quick service anywhere!

Their costs for blogs are as follows:

Their interface is also super simple for a beginner to use. And like I said, they’re available 24/7 if you get stuck with anything. If you click through my Rochen link, you can get FREE domain registration for your new blog!

Many bloggers also recommend Bluehost as I mentioned above – this is one I signed up with initially before moving over to Rochen as it suited me better. They’re definitely worth checking out if you want another option.

There are lots of other options too, so I’d recommend checking out which one would work best for you and chatting to fellow bloggers to find out their experiences.

What are the benefits of self-hosting?

The main reason that you should go self-hosted with your blogging is so that you will own your blog. If you’re blogging on a free platform, that platform owns your content. This means they can take down your site without any warning, whether you’ve broken their guidelines or not. To keep your content safe, self-hosting is the way to go.

I also highly recommend going self-hosted if you plan to monetise your blog. It’s not completely necessary as I know bloggers who monetise their content on free platforms, but working in digital marketing, believe me when I say that you can earn far more with your own domain and hosting. For one, it makes a blog look far more professional.

It also means that you can grow your own stats such as domain authority and earn more money from your blog. When a blog has a domain from WordPress or Blogspot, their domain authority is not their own – technically it belongs to all the blogs on that platform – and therefore it will be discounted by brands who use this metric.

What are the downside of self-hosting?

Honestly, the only thing I can think of is the money. But believe me, it’s worth the investment. And the investment is only a small one at that too, from only £2.95 per month with Rochen. That’s a small price to pay to have your content all your own and to be able to better monetise your blog – you’ll earn that back in a matter of hours once you start to successful monetise your blog!

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What is blog hosting?

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