What is a virtual assistant?

What is a virtual assistant?Virtual assistant has become a bit of a buzzword in blogging at the moment. With many blogs run by a single person, often someone who is still in full time employment, that blogger sometimes needs help to be able to keep up to date with all their platforms and tasks.

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant (also known as a VA) is a self-employed person who does exactly what it says on the tin: they assist a business or person virtually. This means that they will provide support for whatever services their employer offers from a remote location, with all their work done online.

What are bloggers using virtual assistants for?

Running a blog successfully can quickly become a full time job in itself. In fact, many popular blogs have several people behind the scenes doing the more mundane jobs or ones that the blogger isn’t able to do themselves.

A lot of people don’t realise that running a blog involves a whole lot more than just writing words and hitting publish. There are social media networks to maintain, backlink profiles to keep an eye on, images to create, emails to answer and so much more.

Here are just a few jobs that virtual assistants can help bloggers with:

  • Approving and responding to comments.
  • Creating Pinterest graphics.
  • Managing your social media.
  • Managing your email inbox and calendar.
  • Responding to emails.
  • Managing your ads.
  • Helping to grow your social media platforms.
  • Fixing broken links.
  • Sourcing stock imagery for blog posts.
  • Proof reading your articles.
  • Bookkeeping and managing your accounts.

There are countless more tasks that virtual assistants can help with – in fact, anything that goes on your blog, from the things that your readers see to those tasks behind the scenes, can be done or managed by a VA.

How can I become a virtual assistant?

If you have in depth experience in blogging, social media, proof reading, account keeping, SEO or digital marketing in general, you probably have a few skills you can offer up as a virtual assistant. Finding those jobs is another matter.

Often bloggers will look for a virtual assistant through referrals from friends or fellow bloggers. They want someone with a good reputation that they can trust. The way to gain this trust is simply to interact with other bloggers and prove yourself to them. If they can see that you’ve successfully grown your own social following and blog, that you can show your skills to them there, and that you’re a genuine person, you’ll be more likely to get referred to another blogger – and it will grow from there!

Keep an eye on Facebook groups too. I have a list of more than 20 Facebook groups for bloggers here, but for virtual assistant jobs you may want to join other groups such as Blogger to Freelancer where opportunities are sometimes posted.

You can also offer your skills on sites like Upwork and Fiverr. As you can build up trust on these sites through reviews, bloggers will often look here for reputable VAs.

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What is a virtual assistant?

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