What are Pinterest group boards?

What are Pinterest group boardsToday in Adventure is Out There’s Friday Blogging FAQ series we’re talking Pinterest. As you may know, this is my favourite social media platform. I love how much potential it has for impact in both the blogging and business worlds (provided you’re in one of the industries it works well for), and I just genuinely love using it for inspiration.

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This week we’re talking group boards, what the point of them is, how much impact they can have and how can you find them. Read on for more tips!

What are Pinterest group boards?

Just like a regular Pinterest board, a group board is one where you can add pins on a specific topic. The difference is that the group board can have more than one collaborator. This means that multiple people are able to pin to the board.

How can Pinterest group boards benefit me?

Or put differently “What’s the point of group boards on Pinterest?”.

There are a couple of different reasons group boards are awesome actually.

First up, gathering a following and collecting relevant pins on boards on Pinterest can be hard work. Group boards help to take some of that pressure off as there’s a collaborative effort to keep the board up and running at its best. It’s in the best interests of everyone who contributes to the group board to keep it in its best condition so that their own pins will get more attention, so you’ll find people often put more effort into these.

As a result, group boards can often have hundreds of thousands of followers, meaning hundreds of thousands of eyes potentially seeing your pins and content. Your pins will get far more exposure being on group boards than they will do on the average board. The more people that see them, the more that will click through to your site or to your profile and follow you.

How do I find group boards on Pinterest?

Pinterest doesn’t currently have a directory or search function that will bring up group boards. That means that you either need to do the legwork yourself or find someone else who has done so.

Luckily, there are lots of kind people out there who have made their own directories of Pinterest group boards. I received a free list as part of the Pinterest Ninja course I took that costs only $39.99. This course also has lots of recommended tips and tricks on using Pinterest to boost your blog engagement and interaction – I highly recommend you check it out!

There is also a site called Pin Groupie which will help you search for relevant group boards – check it out here.

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What are Pinterest group boards

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