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Prolific Academic reviewWhile the vast majority of my online income comes from blogging, there are other ways that I earn money here and there online. My absolute favourite of these is a survey site: Prolific Academic.

Survey sites are perfect for those who are just starting out their online income journey. In my recent income report, I listed how I earned over £1300 in sponsored post income and over £100 in affiliate income. This is awesome, it does definitely take a little while and a fair amount of hard work to reach that level of income from blogging. So in the meantime, and to supplement your blogging income (even if you’re earning plenty from it!), surveys are the solution.

What is Prolific Academic?

Prolific Academic is a scientific survey site. This doesn’t mean that you need to be academic or scientific to answer the surveys. It means that the surveys being run are by academics and in a more scientific manner – they’re not run by companies.

Researchers and students at universities around the world can submit their surveys to Prolific Academic for anyone to answer.

These surveys can be about literally any topic. I’ve done ones on food advertisement, Twitter usage, cancer cell detection, shopping habits and so many more. They’re hugely varied.

The survey lengths are also really varied – they can be anything from a single quick question to downloading a game that will take you an hour to play. Yes, they can be super fun too!

What’s so good about Prolific Academic?

The reason I prefer Prolific Academic to other survey sites is because of how transparent they are.

The list of surveys available to you is based on eligibility questions that you answer when you sign up. These also sometimes pop up at the top of your page – make sure you answer these when they appear as it’ll often cause a new survey to pop up for you.

The good thing about this is that you are never kicked out of a survey on Prolific Academic once you’ve started it. You’re assessed for eligibility before the survey is offered to you. That means no time-wasting starting a survey only to not get paid for it.

At any given time, you may not have any surveys available or you might have 10 – it all depends on what’s available for your eligibility at that time. These update a lot though, so make sure to refresh your screen every so often. I tend to keep the tab open and refresh it every so often to check out what surveys are available for me.

The list of surveys is also a huge plus over other survey sites as it tells you upfront how much you’ll earn for a survey, an estimation of how long it will take you to complete (and I usually complete it quicker than it says), and how much per hour the survey is worth. This means that you can check out whether it’s worth it or not for you to spend that time on answering the survey.

How much can I earn from Prolific Academic?

It all depends on how much time you put towards the surveys on there, but I’ll use mine as an example.

I personally dedicate a pretty small amount of time to answering surveys on Prolific Academic and I’ve earned almost £200 from it over 2 years. I tend to go through periods where I forget to use it for a while – for example, I forgot about it from April to September this year!

One day earlier this month, I spent more time than usual checking out what surveys were appearing, answered 5 and earned around £5. If you did that every day, you could do very well out of it! I’d say I probably only spent around half an hour answering surveys that day.

I’ve seen surveys ranging from 10p to £10 on there, with times of around 1 minute to 1 hour to complete.

Like I said, it’s very variable – sometimes there might be lots of surveys available for you and they might pay a good amount; other days, there might not be many or they might pay very low.

How do I join Prolific Academic?

Head over to Prolific Academic here and sign up! There are no requirements to join the site, and you can start earning as soon as you’ve answered a few eligibility questions.

You can cash out at any point over £5. It’s recently changed as you used to get fees when you cashed out via Paypal when it was under £20, but no fees over £20. Now Paypal adds fees on any payout, so I now use Circle to cash out.

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