How to make your blog skyrocket using Boardbooster

How to make your blog skyrocket using BoardboosterHave you been reading posts all over the blogosphere about how Pinterest can make your blog utterly explode with pageviews, visitors and new followers? The importance of using Pinterest as a blogger is huge – it really can make your blog go viral.

I’ve personally seen the effects of this. Thanks to a single image I created and shared on Pinterest for this post, I’ve had over 70,000 views to that post alone – it’s the most popular blog post on my site and has referred me followers who are engaged and loyal, as well as picking up natural backlinks.

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How I gained over 7000 followers on Pinterest

Gaining followers on Pinterest is all very well and good, but it’s getting those followers to engage with pins that lead back to your site that’s really important. What’s the point of having thousands of followers if they’re not seeing your pins?

So how do you really make an impact on Pinterest?


Boardbooster is a Pinterest scheduling tool, but it’s so much better than that. Here are all the features Boardbooster has:

  • Pin scheduling. You simply add pins to a queue and Boardbooster will release them over time for you.
  • Pin looping. You choose which boards you want pins to loop on, and Boardbooster will do it for you. This means it will pull pins from your board and repin them.
  • Tribes. Groups of pinners to cross promote one another.
  • Pin Mover. This allows you to clean up underperforming pins.
  • Pin Doctor. Tests all your pins for broken links, content duplication and more then fix them.
  • Group Manager. For group board owners to organise their boards.
  • Top Group Boards. (Under the “Reports” tab). This helps you find the best group boards for your niche.

Why Boardbooster useful?

Getting your pins seen by the right people at the right time is key. If you’re an active, regular pinner posting content that’s relevant and engaged with, you’ll be seen more often. And to be able to be all these things, you need to be pinning good content, regularly.

Boardbooster does this for you with little to no effort on your part.

You can schedule a bulk of pins at the beginning of the week and Boardbooster will release these for you over time meaning you’re getting in front of more eyes. Pin looping will allow Boardbooster to pull popular pins from your boards and repin them for you.

If you want to try Boardbooster out, sign up here to get 100 FREE PINS. After that the service starts at only $5 for 500 pins per month, which is plenty, even for a Pinterest addict!

Using Boardbooster’s Reports

Boardbooster will allow you to evaluate your performance so that you know where you’re doing well and where you can improve. This is SO important because it means you can make informed changes to your strategy.

Boardbooster reports on the following features:

  • Pinning History. See what Boardbooster has pinned, where it’s been pinned, by which service (scheduled, looping etc.) and how well that pin has done. The chart makes it easy to compare how well different pins have done so you can choose the best boards or pins in future.
  • Board Performance. Quick stats on your board followers, how many pins they get per month, the Repin rate, & of duplicate pins and monthly trends.
  • Idle Group Boards. Group boards that you’re a part of which have received less than 5 of your pins during the last 30 days, so you can see where you could be sharing.
  • Viral 3rd Party Pins.
  • Best time to pin. This shows you a handy graph showing when your pins have had the most shares. So useful!
  • Follower growth. A chart that shows how many followers you’ve gained recently compared to the average.


If you’re struggling to get yourself noticed on Pinterest and are wanting to see results, sign up now! Even if you just try out the 100 FREE PINS to see how it goes – you’re not locked into anything.

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How to make your blog skyrocket using Boardbooster

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