How to choose a blog name

How to choose a blog nameChoosing your blog name is a pretty big decision. People who come across your blog are going to make a first impression based on the name. It’s the identity you’re making for yourself and using to introduce yourself if it’s part of a career. You want something that will make an impact and will represent you well.

It is, of course, possible to change it later on but it’s not easy, particularly once you’re an established blogger. It’s like a business rebranding – your blog is your business and you are your own brand, so changing it could mean confusion and loss of identity as a blogger. On top of that, it means getting a new domain and potentially losing rankings in the meantime.

If you want to start your own blog, here is my quick and easy guide to starting a blog in just 5 steps.

So how do you make this big decision then? Here are a few tips from me on how to choose your blog name:

Brainstorm blog topics

Before you start writing blog posts or setting up social accounts. Sit down with a pen and paper (or phone, or laptop…you know the drill!) and brainstorm topics that you plan to write about.

You might already know that you want to write a fashion blog, a food blog or a car blog straight away, but you might be a bit more vague about it – it may be a combination of topics, it might be a general lifestyle blog.

Looking at all your ideas written down in one place might make you realise what areas you want to focus in on and will give you a more concise idea of what names would be appropriate.

Research keywords

Once you’ve settled on a general topic (or more!) for your blog, research the top keywords in that industry. It’ll make sure that prospective readers know what they’re looking at straight away, and even better, you may start to rank for those keywords.

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For example, a blog for foodies without much money could simply be Dining on a Budget blog.

Think about your tone

How do you want to come across to your readers? Is your blog going to be serious and academic? Will it be humorous and comical? Will it be more of a personal diary?

Then think about how you don’t want your blog to come across. There are certain words that you might not want to influence how people think about you and your blog.

Check out your favourite blogs

What are your favourite blogs called? And why does their name appeal to you? Is it because it’s short and snappy? Do you prefer when people use their own names as a blog name?

Try one of these formulas

If you’ve got ideas for words you’d like to use but are still struggling to pull together a name from them, try using one of these formulas:

  • Your own name – first name, last name or first name, middle name – e.g.: Sian Thomas.
  • Your name plus your topic. e.g.: Sian Hannah Fashion.
  • A nickname or screen name that you already use online. e.g.: Rebel Angel.
  • Two keywords from the topics you’re planning to write about and aliterate if you can! e.g.: Frappes & Fun (fashion & lifestyle), Bees & Blouses (nature & fashion), Kittens & Caramel (pets & food).
  • A snippet from your favourite song or quote (for more aspirational blogs). e.g.: Adventure is Out There.
  • Your location and a keyword from your topic. e.g.: London Food AddictsYorkshire Fashionista.
  • A keyword plus “diaries”. e.g.: The Lingerie Diaries (I nearly named Big Cup Little Cup this!).
  • Keyword plus profession. e.g.: The SEO ExpertFoodie Guru.

Check if the name is available

The final step is to give the name a quick Google. Does another blog come up with the same name? Or a business? If so, I’d recommend dropping that name. You don’t want to end up competing with someone else, and you also don’t want to upset anyone or cause any copyright issues.

Also check that the name you’ve chosen is available as a domain. You can input your desired domain name at 1&1 here to see whether anyone else has already claimed it and how much it will cost you to buy. Generally ones that are available cost around the same price, but it’s worth checking!

You don’t have to buy through 1&1 though. You’ll also be needing hosting for that domain and many web hosts offer a free domain when you buy their hosting. I’d highly recommend my host, Rochen, who have fixed SO many things I’ve broken on my blog before! You can get web hosting with them from £2.95 per month, and free domain registration – click here to find out more.

And once you’re done, you’re ready to start your blog! If you want to know more about how to start your blog in 5 easy steps, click here to check out my guide.

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How to choose a blog name

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