How I made £780 in December 2017: Income Report

December 2017 income report: here's how I made £780 blogging in DecemberLast month I shared my first ever online income report and it was a scary moment. I’m glad I did though because I got some excellent feedback and I enjoyed sharing it.

This month is also quite nerve-wracking, mostly because I didn’t reach my goal and made a lot less than I did in November too. But that’s why (and also because!) I’m not a full-time blogger. Right now, it’s not feasible for me to blog full time, and my online income is all additional to my full time salary. Luckily this means that fluctuations like this don’t make an impact on my bills or my lifestyle – the additional income is just that: additional. It’s a luxury so I’m super happy that I’m earning anything extra.

Why am I sharing my extra income?

I want to share my extra income to show people that it can be done. I’m just a normal person with a laptop, a camera and a full time job to boot, but I’m earning a pretty good additional income online, if I do say so myself!

I also want to share these to help keep myself motivated. If I’m sharing my income online, I want it to be worth sharing!

What’s included in my income reports?

As I mentioned, I have a full time job in addition to blogging, and this income report will not include the details of my salary from that.

It will include all the additional stuff I do outside work, including blogging, freelance work (writing, occasional outreach, photography) and any other methods (selling online, surveys etc.).

The blogs that I write and earn an income from that will feature as part of this report are:

  • Rebel Angel – my personal style and lifestyle blog. I’ve been running this since 2010, back when I didn’t know making money online was a thing.
  • Big Cup Little Cup – a lingerie blog I write with a friend. The income from this is shared between us, but I’ll report what it makes then split off half of this in the expenses section.
  • Disney Days – my Disney blog.
  • Adventure is Out There – this blog!

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If you want to starting earning money by blogging, read my 5 easy steps to start a blog.


Some people report income in the month it’s earned; others report in the month it reaches their bank accounts.

I’ll be reporting the income that I have actually received – I keep track of it by the date it reaches my bank account rather than the date it’s invoiced.

This may change in future, but for now that’s easiest for me.


So without further ado, drum roll please…..

In December 2017, I earned £780.66 in extra income!

Like I said, it’s significantly less than my £1829 in November and there are a couple of reasons for this.

  1. December is a much shorter month for me than usual. I took 23rd December to 2nd January almost completely offline and forgot to factor this in earlier, whoops! This means I wasn’t promoting posts with affiliate links in or working on any opportunities during this time.
  2. December is also a shorter month for companies. During that last week of the month, I would normally have worked on several more opportunities in a normal month, but most places had shut down for Christmas or were scaled right back. As a result, there were much fewer opportunities in December.
  3. Some of the projects I did work on aren’t being paid until January. I have invoices outstanding from these as several working days were missing this month so payments are carrying forward into this month. I’d like to say this means I should see more income this month, but I can’t be definite!

Despite the drop from last month, I’m still really happy with the fact I earned almost £800 in December from additional income – that’s still a pretty huge chunk of money!


  • Sponsored posts: £660.14
  • Advertising: £34.80
  • Affiliates: £85.72

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What is affiliate marketing for bloggers?

The sponsored posts in December were again mostly at Rebel Angel.

The advertising is specifically from a single banner ad with a company I have a long standing relationship with.

The affiliate income is again mostly from Big Cup Little Cup, but I’m awaiting payments to come through.


None this month!

My hosting is with Rochen and was paid all in one go. It works out to only £2.95 per month for a single blog which is amazing, or £4.95 for my multiple sites.
And I just have to throw in here that Big Cup Little Cup was under a brute force attack a couple of days ago meaning it was really slow to load. I contacted Rochen and within 5 minutes they’d figured out who was attacking it, blocked the IP and responded to me – AMAZING service! I’ve been with a couple of different web hosts over time, but I can’t recommend any as much as Rochen. Check them out here.


I set out my goals for January here yesterday, and my goal is to reach over £1500 this month, so fingers crossed I can achieve that!

And hopefully those outstanding invoices will be paid soon (although I have 2 from last year – one from February, one from August – that I’m not all that hopeful about). December 2017 income report: here's how I made £780 blogging in December

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