Blogging Goals for January 2018

Blog goals for January 2018Happy New Year! Hope you all had a good one.

January is the month for making goals. Personally, I’m not really making any specific New Years resolutions this year aside from trying to live my best life possible, both online and offline. And typically, my first goals post for Adventure is Out There actually ended up being at the end of last year – December was my first!

So before we get started on January’s goals, here are my December ones and how well they went:

  • Publish 6 posts at Adventure is Out There:
    CHECK! I published 18.
  • Guest post at 1 site for AIOT & 1 site for Rebel Angel:
    HALF-CHECK! I had 2 guest posts accepted and have written them, but they haven’t yet been published.
  •  Increase my Twitter following from 4000 to 4200:
    FAIL! I managed to reach 4100 – I forgot how people are away from the internet during December!
  • Reach 1200 followers on Instagram:
    FAIL! It stayed pretty much the same! Same reason as above, but also I didn’t put a lot of work into it.
  • Create 5 pinnable images from old but popular posts on Rebel Angel:
    FAIL! Honestly, I just forgot and ran out of time!
  • Overpay £300 on the mortgage:
  • Earn over £50 in affiliate income:
    CHECK! I haven’t yet received these payments, but I earned over £60 from affiliates in December.
  • Earn £1500 in extra income:
    FAIL! Again, I’m blaming December! I didn’t take into account that I would be pretty much offline from the 23rd December until 2nd January, as would many companies. As a result, I had 1 less week of work and I have a couple of invoices from December work that would normally have been paid overdue. So my income for the month ended up being just under £800 (more on this tomorrow!).
  • Get 5 newsletter subscribers for AIOT:
    CHECK! I reached 5 about half way through the month.
  • Get this blog off to a good start:
    CHECK! I would say it’s going pretty alright, wouldn’t you?

So onto the goals for January:

1. Publish 20 posts at Adventure is Out There

Since I managed 18 in December, and my goal is to publish every day Monday to Friday, 20 shouldn’t be a problem.

2. Guest post at 1 site for Adventure is Out There and 1 site for Big Cup Little Cup

I’ve already scoped out a couple of places and had ideas to submit another AIOT post to, so that’s the first part partly done, but I’m also going to aim to do one of Big Cup Little Cup too.

3. Launch a new project for Big Cup Little Cup

I keep saying this, but I think my lingerie blog, Big Cup Little Cup, has a lot of potential. It’s my favourite of my blogs to work on right now and has amazing feedback and interaction from readers.
As a result, we have big plans for the year ahead for BCLC. I’m slightly hesitant to make this a goal for this month as it may be February, but I’m working on a project there that I’d love to launch in January if we can.

4. Increase Big Cup Little Cup’s Instagram to 1500 followers

While my personal Instagram actually declined rather than growing (hi, follow bots!), the BCLC Instagram account grew by nearly 200 followers from 1040 to 1235. We’ve got some amazing content to come there this month so I’m hoping this will help!

5. Overpay £350 on the mortgage

This could be an interesting one considering that I was previously overpaying by £250, upped it to £300 last month and am pushing it to £350 this month, especially as I’ll have some Christmas payments going out of my account – we’ll see how it goes!

6. Pay the taxman!

I received my HMRC tax bill for my additional income just before Christmas so it’s time to pay that – not fun and not so much a goal as a you-HAVE-to-pay-this, but it’s making my list!

7. Earn £1500 extra income

Since November was my highest month yet at £1829 and December was a low thanks to the busy month and some invoices yet to be paid, I’m keeping my goal the same for January at £1500.

8. Send 1 AIOT newsletter & 1 BCLC newsletter

Now that I’ve got some subscribers, I’d like to send my first AIOT newsletter – I just want to make sure it’s worth it and that I’m not just sending random stuff no one cares about.

We’ve also had a lot of subscribers at BCLC for a long time and I’ve neglected them, so I want to send a newsletter to them too.

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Blog goals for January 2018

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