Blogging Goals for December 2017

Before we begin, I want to explain how I’m planning to run this blog. Since I already have a personal style and life blog (Rebel Angel), plus another couple of blogs that focus in on my specific interests because I couldn’t fit these all onto one blog (lingerie at Big Cup Little Cup, and Disney at Disney Days), I’m going to keep track of a few goals for those here too. Blog goals for December

For my other blogs, I’ve set up separate social accounts because it was easier. Adventure is Out There, however, is going to be a more personal blog so I’m tying it into my personal social accounts, aside from its own Facebook page.

To track blog income, I currently count the income in the month it reaches my bank account rather than the month in which it was earned. Usually it’s the same month for things like sponsored posts and ad sales, but for affiliate income, it can be a little longer. I do it this way because (sadly!) I’ve had a number of no-payers over time. I don’t want to report on income that never actually reaches my account. But for my income report coming next week, I’m planning to report on the income I’ve earned in November rather than received.

Since this is my first month tracking my goals for blogging and income, some of these might be waaaay out. But it’s always good to aim high, right? So here are my goals for December:

1. Publish 6 posts at Adventure is Out There

I’m actually hoping to have a lot more than this live by the end of the month. In fact, I’ve set up a bit of a schedule with how the days are going to work on Adventure is Out There:

Monday: Social Day
Tuesday: Blogging Tips/Guides
Wednesday: Personal Finance
Thursday: How to make money online
Friday: Blogging FAQs
Weekends off

I’ve actually managed to write 6 posts already and have plans in my calendar for a long way in the future. And by a long way, I mean I have over 200 post titles in a calendar. Yep. Let’s see if I can actually write them all now!

2. Guest post at 1 site for Rebel Angel and 1 site for Adventure is Out There

I want to start guest posting more frequently for both my sites. It’s a great way to build your domain authority as well as just your general blogging authority and to drive readers back to your site.

Read more

What are guest posts?

What is domain authority?

3. Increase my Twitter following from 4000 to 4200

I’ve seen my Twitter following increase rapidly over the last year so I want to continue this growth. Always good to aim high!

4. Get out of my Instagram plateau and reach 1200 followers on Instagram

Instagram on the other hand has been a killer recently. Pretty much every blogger I know has bemoaned the way that you seem to gain a follower and lose 10 on Instagram right now and I’m seeing the same. Find me here.

5. Create 5 pinnable images from old but potentially popular posts on Rebel Angel

My old posts on Rebel Angel were long before the days of using Pinterest for blog promotion, but there are some that I know would go down well.

6. Overpay £300 on the mortgage.

Time for some more budget focused ones! I’m going to start sharing more about my personal finance on this blog so first up: mortgage. I currently have a direct debit set up overpaying £250 into our mortgage each month, but I’m going to start to push that number higher with the aim of using up all our overpayment potential every year.

7. Earn over £50 in affiliate income

I currently earn around £5-10 per month from Rebel Angel in affiliate income and £20-30 from Big Cup Little Cup. I want to push this up to over £50 in December.

8. Earn £1500 in extra income in total

I’m planning to start sharing my blog income on this blog – eek! More on this next week when I’ll share my November income report (which will summarise all my extra income – i.e. anything outside of my full-time job salary), but my goal for extra income December is £1500+.

9. Get 5 newsletter subscribers for Adventure is Out There

I want to start building a newsletter with blogging tips & tricks, making money online, blogging opportunities and even more. Plus there’ll be some freebies and exclusive content for subscribers! Sign up in the sidebar if you want to hear more!

10. Get this blog off to a good start!

A bit of a generic one, but start as you mean to go on! If you want to create your own blog, check out my tutorial here on how to do it in only 5 EASY STEPS.

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