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Adventure is Out There - about me

Hi there, and welcome to Adventure is Out There, a personal finance and blogging blog! I’m Sian and I’m a digital marketer by day, blogger by night.

I started my lifestyle blog, Rebel Angel, as a personal style and fashion blog way back in 2010 after dabbling around on sites like Livejournal for a while. Before that I was keeping good ol’ fashioned paper and pen diaries, I’ve been writing for a long time!
In 2013, after a spat in the teaching industry, I decided to make the leap into the digital world. I had the experience of my blog and a love for all things online, so I approached a local company. Fortunately they were willing to take a chance on me and my life as a digital marketer began.

I’ve never looked back since. I now work on content creation, idea generation and outreach during the day, talking to various bloggers and working with several clients on a daily basis. In the evenings (and on lunch breaks!), I write blogs – blogs plural because it turns out that I have so many passions, I couldn’t just stick to the one! In addition to my personal blog, I also co-run a popular lingerie blog, Big Cup Little Cup, and I have recently set up Disney Days to document my Disney trips. I also write for Student Fashion Blog – you can’t stop me!

Over time, my main blog along with my side ones have grown to something I’d never dreamed they could be. While I still work full time, blogging on the side earns me an income that is most definitely not insubstantial.

And that’s why I’ve decided to write yet another blog: Adventure is Out There. Here I want to share everything I can about the digital world and blogging, from blogging tips and tricks and earning an income from your blog to how to grow your blog and work with brands. I see it from both sides of the coin everyday so can give you a unique insight into this world. From your burning quick blogging questions to in depth guides on earning money online, it’ll all be here.

So onwards – because Adventure is Out There, even in the blogging world, and I’ll help you find it!