5 ways to make money on your lunch break

How do you normally spend your lunch break? I tend to swap between a few different activities: yoga, reading, blogging and wandering around town.5 ways to make money on your lunch break

I get a whole hour to spend however I like and normally it only takes me about 10 minutes to actually eat something, less if I don’t have to heat it up, so I like to make the most of this additional time I have in my working day. I so often bemoan the fact that we don’t have more hours in a day, so I feel like I should take advantage of this spare hour I do have.

(Of course, make sure to leave yourself time to eat and take a break from your screen too if you can…I’m guilty of sitting at my desk through lunch sometimes!)

If you’re like me and want to make the most of that lunch break to earn yourself a little bit of extra money every day, I’ve got some top tips for 5 ways you can do this with not too much effort:


This is always going to be my top money making tip as it’s worked so well for me and others. But beware, it’s not as easy as just starting a blog and seeing the cash roll in. It is entirely possible to start earning money from the get-go in blogging, but it’s going to take a bit of work first.

Personally, I didn’t earn money from blogging for a couple of years, but that’s because I started so long ago that I didn’t realise it was an option!

That one hour a day could be used to write a new blog post, schedule your social media, join some new affiliate or sponsored post campaigns, or pitch an idea to a company.

If you’re interested in starting your own blog to earn money, check out my guide to starting a blog in only 5 easy steps – it’s perfect for beginners who have never blogged before!

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Sell your old stuff

If you’ve got a lot of old stuff hanging around your house (I know I have!), the best way to clear it all out is to sell it online. Personally I’ve sold everything from old and unworn clothes that have been sitting in my wardrobe for years to old mobile phones, homeware and technology.

If you make sure to get photos of your items before you go to work (it’s super easy to do this just by taking them on your phone – make sure to get clear photos in good lighting), you can easily list 10 or more items during your lunch break.

Here are my current favourite sites for selling everyday items online:

  • eBay: best for…everything! Old clothes, cars, technology, DVDs, books…pretty much anything.
  • Etsy: best for vintage clothing, antiques and handmade crafts.
  • Music Magpie: best for CDs, DVDs, games, mobile phones, books, tech & Lego.

Spot job ads

This is one I only heard of recently but is ideal if you work in a town or city: the Job Spotter app, available here on Apple and here on Android.

Basically, you walk around your local shops, take photos of any job ads you spot being advertised in windows, take photos of them and upload them to the app. It’s as simple as that! If you like to get some fresh air on your lunch break but still want to earn some pennies (it could even be up to £30 according to some sources), this is perfect.

You’re awarded more money for independent stores rather than big brands, particularly if no one else has submitted that ad, so keep your eyes peeled.

Work as a virtual assistant (VA)

A virtual assistant is someone who assists someone virtually – basically, they keep on top of the tasks that you don’t want to do online. It’s something that’s becoming more popular in the blog world where people want help with social media scheduling, research, accounting and more.

If you’re already a blogger, work in social media marketing or have experience in book keeping, this is something you can offer in your lunch break and hours off. It may only be a minimum wage per hour job if you’re doing 1 hour per day and just starting out, but it’s money you might not have otherwise made!

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Prolific Academic

Prolific Academic is my favourite online survey site for making money.

It’s a more “scientific” survey site than most – by that I mean that researchers (usually university researchers or students) publish a survey on the site and you are matched up with these surveys based on your eligibility. I find these surveys much more fun and interesting than any others online!

I’ve discovered that you can earn anything from 10p to £10 for a survey on Prolific Academic, depending on how long it is and what you need to do. I’ve earned almost £200 on Prolific Academic only answering surveys sporadically over a couple of years – usually I answer 8-10 in a week then forgot about it for about a month, whoops!

The great thing about Prolific Academic is that they tell you at the outset the average time it takes to complete the survey (and I usually finish quicker too) and how much you would earn per hour based on the average participating time and how much they’re offering for it. That means you can decide at the outset whether it’s worth it for you or not.

You also don’t ever get kicked out half way through for not being eligible to continue a survey – the eligibility is decided by prescreening questions that you answer as part of your account.

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5 ways to make money on your lunch break


  1. December 20, 2017 / 1:11 pm

    Such a good idea to make more sue of your lunch break. I really want to start doing some VA work, thinks it’s going to be my main goal for 2018 🙂

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