5 Ways to Make Money from your blog

5 ways to make money from your blogIf there’s one question I see bloggers asking time and time again, it’s:

How do I make money from my blog?

So I thought it was about time I got in depth with this. Since I work in digital marketing, I both earn money for bloggers and I pay bloggers to blog too! (Or more accurately, I work on campaigns with bloggers – this doesn’t always necessarily mean paying them directly to blog. It may be a social media campaign, product review or more).

If you don’t already have a blog, check out my guide on how to set one up and starting earning money from it in 5 easy steps here!

These are just 5 ways you as an everyday blogger can earn money through blogging. There are many more, but these are the best and easiest places to begin in my opinion:

Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are currently my top earner and are my favourite way to earn money through blogging.

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Here’s how I earned over £1300 from sponsored posts in December

A sponsored post is when a company asks you to feature their brand within a post on your blog. This may be simply a link to their homepage, a link promoting a specific page on their site/blog, or even including an image or a video.

Sometimes companies may ask you if you’ll accept a guest post which is a prewritten post from them that includes a link back to their site.

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What are guest posts?

But the question you’re all probably asking is: how do I find sponsored post opportunities?

I’m planning a future post on ALL the places you can find sponsored posts, so make sure to sign up to my newsletter over in the sidebar to be notified of that, but for now, here’s a quick run down of places to find sponsored posts:

  • Twitter: search the following hashtags: #prrequest, #bloggerswanted and #bloggersrequired. You’ll find PRs will be searching for opportunities there so pick ones that are relevant to you and get in touch. It’s worth following those PRs as well, even if they don’t have one that suits you at that moment, and building up a relationship with them. If a blogger follows me, I’ll always check out their blog and add them to my “possible contacts” list if I like the look of them!
  • Facebook: I have a list of 20+ Facebook groups for bloggers here, many of which have PRs and brands who post opportunities in the groups. In fact, these are often better than Twitter as some PRs don’t like the opportunities to be public to everyone.
  • Blogger/Brand Networks: There are a lot of networks that connect bloggers and brands out there – here are just a few you can join:
    Zeal Buzz
    Talented Talkers
  • Pitch your blog directly: Find companies that you think would be a good fit for your blog then pitch your idea or blog to them, stating that you’d like to work with them, what you can offer them and why they would benefit from it. The worst they can say is no! And personally I’m always happy to receive emails from new bloggers introducing their blogs – drop me a line if you want to know my work email address.
  • Wait for them to come to you: If you consistently create good content and promote it well, the brands will come to you. Most importantly, make yourself visible on social media by gaining an engaged following (learn how to do this here) so that they can find you.


This is my second favourite way to earn money from blogging because it’s pretty much passive income – you don’t need to do anything once you’ve pressed publish on the affiliate links and promoted them!

I have a WHOLE post about affiliates and how to use them for bloggers here, but these are my favourite affiliate platforms currently:

  • Shopstyle Collective – this is aimed mostly at fashion bloggers, but they have some interiors products too. This one works on a PPC (pay per click) basis where you earn a specific amount for each click.
  • RewardStyle – this is again aimed more at fashion bloggers but is a pay per sale basis.
  • Affiliate Window – this is my favourite network because it’s so easy to use and I’ve earned the most from it. They have a huge number of brands available to choose from in almost every sector. Make sure to sign up here and check out the brands.
  • Webgains – another networks with lots of different brands in lots of sectors.
  • Rakuten – another favourite network with lots of brands.
  • Viglink – this one is a little different as it works like a normal affiliate network (with loads of brands), but they can also insert links onto keywords that you’ve missed links on. It’s advisable to use this carefully, but can be VERY lucrative on missed opportunities.
  • Rochen – this is my hosting company. They pay up to $100 per sale if people buy hosting through your link. Plus I highly recommend them!
  • Bluehost – another hosting company. I used to use these but moved when they no longer worked for what I needed. They pay $65 per sale.
  • Tailwind – this is a Pinterest and social media scheduling tool. You get $15 per referral, and the person who signs up gets a free month too – win, win!
  • Boardbooster – another Pinterest scheduling tool. This one pays $5 per sign up.
  • Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – the programme I recommended above, because it really is that good! This course will help you learn how to use affiliate links properly so you can start earning a six figure income from them. It pays 40% per sign up – that’s $78.80!

Social Media

As an influencer, social media can be an extremely lucrative business. Did you know that there are some influencers out there earning tens of thousands from single Instagram posts?!

Like with your blog, making yourself visible on social media by growing your following will make sure that you’re seen by the right brands who want to work with you.

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How to build a following on social media

But there are also more platforms you can join that will match you up with brands on social media too – here are a few examples:


When we talk about ads on blogs, we normally mean the ones you see in sidebars, as banners in, above or below posts, and pop ups.

There are different ways you can get ads on your blog, the most popular being Google Adsense. There are other options too though which often depend on your pageviews, but do a bit of research – these include: Media.net and Mediavine.

You can also sell ads directly. This is more time consuming since the above platforms will manage your ads for you, but it allows you to know exactly what ads your readers will be seeing where. For this, you may get brands approaching you asking about ad placements on your blog, but you could also pitch to relevant companies letting them know your stats, your ad options and the benefits of having an ad on your site.

Selling products

If you’ve got a skill, sell it!

Many bloggers sell crafts on Etsy, but other examples of things to sell include downloadable documents, eBooks and courses.

You could also create merchandise associated with your blog and sell that – T shirts, mugs, bumper stickers, anything you can think of!

Bonus! Join Patreon

I titled this post 5 but have recently decided to add another! Patreon is a platform that allows readers to become patrons of your service. They contribute a small amount towards your blog and they usually get something back in return. Join Patreon here!

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5 ways to make money from your blog



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