3 sites to find a theme for your blog

A blog theme is a huge part of your blog’s identity. Even before anyone reads your content, they’ll scan over your blog’s design, making a split second decision on how it looks to see whether they want to stick around – they may not even get to the content you’ve spent so long slaving over!3 sites to find a theme for your blog

Many people will be put off by a busy blog theme, and the vast majority of people dislike big pop up banners, ads and auto-play videos and music. Then again, some people like these things and find stark white blog themes to be too clinical – it’s a tough balancing act!

The most important thing about a blog theme though is that it’s responsive.

What is a responsive blog theme?

A responsive blog theme is one which is able to adapt to a variety of devices and screen sizes so that it’s easily readable and easy to navigate no matter what the screen. It may mean that menus are compressed, sidebars are moved elsewhere or images are resized.

It’s not only important to choose a responsive blog template for your readers, but also for search engines which will now take responsive templates as a ranking factor. If your site looks terrible or isn’t easy to use on a mobile, you’re not going to appear in their search results, simple as that.

I mention all this because everything else about a blog template or theme can be entirely up to you – colours, layout, fonts and more; a responsive template is non-negotiable. Find a site that offers you a responsive theme as part of the design, not one that you have to figure out yourself.

So whether you’re a new blogger or an OG, here are my top 3 sites for finding a theme for your blog:

1. Themeforest

If you’re looking for a theme for any kind of blog at all, fashion or technology, fishing or food, Themeforest is your place to go. It’s got thousands upon thousands of blog templates for WordPress, potentially too many to even choose from, starting at just $2.

Personally I’ve bought a few different themes off there including website templates too, not just blog templates, which shows how versatile it is.

The only downside is that there are potentially too many themes there as it makes sifting through them quite hard work!

2. Etsy

Normally Etsy is somewhere I’d normally recommend shopping for vintage or handmade crafts, but did you know they also sell digital products too?

I’d say that the themes here on Etsy are more of the “feminine” variety, best suited to fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers.

The majority of themes on Etsy are for WordPress (which I recommend over other blogging platforms), but there are others too.

The positives of using Etsy to buy a blog theme is that there are a lot fewer to choose from, they’re more focused on a more specific niche, and are usually more simple to use than those on Themeforest as they’re not necessarily aimed at professionals.

3. Pipdig

Pipdig is my personal go-to site to buy a new blog design. I’ve flirted with other theme designers but Pipdig is the one I always go back to. In fact, all my blogs are currently on Pipdig themes including this one!

You can buy both Blogger and WordPress themes at Pipdig and I find that they have as simple but, again, feminine design.

Pipdig’s designs usually cost between £29 and £49, are really easy to set up and start blogging on straight away, and come with helpful instructions. You can also get custom designs for a higher cost.

The only downside is that if you’re a fashion, beauty or lifestyle blogger, you’ll quite likely see your theme on a lot of other blogs! Fortunately you’re able to customise them enough that your theme will still look unique.

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3 sites to find a theme for your blog

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