20+ Facebook groups to promote your blog in

Can I make a confession? While I’m like most people and can spend a little bit too long scrolling mindlessly down Facebook, I’m not a big fan of it. I think the algorithms that they’ve put in place to “help” us recently have been damaging to most pages, and I think that they’re quashing our engagement to make us pay for posts.20+ Facebook groups for blog promotion - where to share your blog on Facebook

I run several Facebook pages and all of them have seen a huge nosedive in engagement over recent times. For example, one of my pages has over 1000 likes – posts used to be seen by around 50-60% of people that had liked the page; one day a few weeks ago, a post that had a similar “formula” to the others (bit of blurb, tagged the brand that was mentioned in it, link to post, images from post) had only 2% of likers see it. The next one did even worse, it was less than 1%. Even though this post was shared by the brand and someone else. It’s madness!

Anyway, this isn’t supposed to be a rant against Facebook. While I’m still working to get my posts seen on there without paying for every single one of them to be boosted, there are other ways to use Facebook successfully for your blog. One of these is using Facebook groups. Specifically blogging Facebook groups.

I’ve rounded up the Facebook groups that I’m currently part of that allow you to promote your blog and to get blogging advice. Some of these allow posts straight to the wall, others ask you only to link to your blog on Promo Days or in specific threads. If you join any of them, make sure to read the rules first and check out the type of posts that are in the group before sharing your own posts. You don’t want to upset anyone or over-promote your blog – no one likes that!

There are groups that are for any blogging niche and others that focus specifically on certain topics, so make sure to choose ones which are relevant to you.

So here are 20+ Facebook groups you can join to promote your blog:

1. Blogging Boost

This group is open worldwide for all bloggers and allows you to connect with other bloggers. There are no follow for follow or like for like threads, but Monday is Promo Day.

2. Blogging Newbs

This is a group for newer bloggers, but I believe they accept older bloggers too – after all, older bloggers can help give advice to new ones! It’s mainly for support with no like for like threads, but Tuesday is Promo Day and Thursday is Social Media Promo Day.

3. UK Blogger Opportunities

This is a group for UK blogging opportunities. PRs and other bloggers post opportunities (sponsored posts, reviews, advertising etc.) that are open to people blogging in the UK and you can sign up for them here.

4. Blogger Opportunities

Same as above but open worldwide. You can find blogging opportunities for most types of blog in most countries around the world.

5. Official UK Bloggers

This is the official group for UK bloggers. It is open for all subject matters, but there are no promo posts allowed to the wall – only discussions, questions and introductions. There is a blog post share thread but there are no obligations on it. You’ll also occasionally see opportunities from PRs here.

6. Bloggers Helping Each Other

I believe this is a sister group to Official UK Bloggers, but this one has daily promo threads which will allow you to interact with other bloggers to grow your audience.

7. Pitching & Motivation for UK Bloggers

This is a help and guidance group for UK bloggers. You can ask questions here about blogging in general, but the focus is on pitching to brands.

8. Blogging 101

This is open to bloggers worldwide and is a guidance group. Each day has a different theme – Monday Goals, Tuesday Promo, Wednesday Social Media Shares, Thursday Feedback, Friday Party (social media), Saturday Share & Care.

9. Bloggers that Profit

Blogging questions, information, inspiration and threads. Again, each day has a theme: Motivational Mondays, Biz Tips Tuesday, Winning Wednesdays, Tool Thursdays, Famous Fridays.

10. Bloggers United

This is another thread focused group that has different promo, social media and question threads each day.

11. Lifestyle Bloggers

This is another promo group with daily threads: Monday Twitter follow, Tuesday Facebook page like, Wednesday Bloglovin’, Thursday Twitter Retweet, Friday Facebook comment & like, Saturday Pinterest, Sunday Instagram. The focus in this group is lifestyle bloggers worldwide.

12. Blogger to Freelancer

What it says on the tin: this is support group for bloggers looking for freelance work. It’s mostly questions and guidance, but there are also opportunities shared too.

13. Power Bloggers

The focus of this group is on fashion and style, but it’s a free for all – you can post to the wall.

14. The Blogging Crew

This is a place for bloggers to share, communicate and collaborate. There are threads but these are broken down by niche rather than platform, e.g.: beauty/fashion, lifestyle, travel, health/fitness and more.

15. The Blogging Squad

This group has daily threads for established bloggers only that are split down by platform.

16. Show Your Blog Love

This is a group for international bloggers with daily promo threads.

17. Social Media Network Group

This group allows influencers to connect with others on social media via sharing threads.

18. Bloggers Get Social

This is another thread based group and you need to have been blogging for more than 3 months to join.

19. Book Bloggers

This group focuses on bloggers who write about books. You can share issues and questions here as well as posts.

20. Dressmaking Blogging Network

Another specific group, this one has a focus on sewing and dressmaking bloggers. The only rule is not to spam the group.

21. UK Fashion & Beauty Bloggers

A free for all group for anyone who writes about fashion and beauty in the UK.

22. Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers

Same as above, for anyone who writes about fashion, beauty and lifestyle but open worldwide.

23. North East UK Bloggers

This is a regional group where guidance is given and opportunities offered for bloggers specifically in the North East of the UK. Make sure to search for similar groups in your area!

If you have or know of a blogging group that you think should be added to this, get in touch and I’ll do so!

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20+ Facebook groups for blog promotion - where to share your blog on Facebook

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