10+ Sites that pay $100+ for your articles in 2018

10+ sites that pay $100 for your writing in 2018A couple of months ago, I talked about what guest posts are and how they can benefit you as a blogger. But did you know that you can actually earn money from getting guest posts that you write published too?

Finding the sites that will pay you for your articles though is the tricky part. There are plenty of sites out there that accept article submissions, but not all of them will pay. And that’s fine! Unpaid article submissions can help you to get backlinks to your site, to get your name out there and to practise your writing skills.

But we’re not here today to talk about sites that don’t pay you, we’re here to talk about sites that will pay you for you articles. Specifically ones that pay $100+ for you to write for them.

And once you’ve decided that writing articles for other sites is so awesome that you want to start your own blog, check out my guide to starting a blog in 5 easy steps so you can start your own!

So here are some sites in all niches that will pay you $100+ to write for them. If you’d like your site to be added to this list, just drop me an email!


Articles here pay $100, and they accept lists of any kind – the more unique and unusual, the better!

Cooking Detective

This pays $75 to $160 depending on the length of your article or guide on food, cooking, recipes, how-to guides and more.

Ecommerce Insiders

If you have direct experience in ecommerce, this site pays $75-150 per article depending on length.

Photoshop Tutorials

If you’re a whizz at editing photos, submit your tutorials here where you could earn up to $300.

Bird Talk Magazine

For bird owners or experts, this publication will pay anything from $100 for short features all the way up to $400 for up to 2500 word guides.

The Dollar Stretcher

For articles on money saving, this pays $0.10 per word – write over 1000 words and you’ll be earning $100+.


If you’re a business journalist, financial analyst or climate scientist with something to say, Entelligent will pay $180 per article.

Freelance Mom

For those stay-at-home mums who are earning an income, you can earn $75-100 more by writing articles for Freelance Mom.

Make a Living Writing

This site all about earning money by writing does exactly what it preaches and pays you $75-150 per article depending on the length.

The Travel Writer’s Life

For anyone who loves to travel and has advice about it, this site will pay you $50 to $200 to write about it for them.

A List Apart

Another list-based website, this one pays up to $200 for 1500-2000 word articles.

I will continue to update this list as I find relevant places to add!

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10+ sites that pay $100 for your writing in 2018

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