10 Income Reports under £1000

Income reports are a little bit of a controversial topic in blogging: some love them, some hate them. They’re the marmite of blogging! To be honest I can see both ways.10 Income reports under £1000

I love to read income reports: I find them both inspirational and aspirational. When I first started to earn an income from blogging, I thought it might just be £25 here and there every few months. After a while, I started to come across bloggers sharing how much they were earning monthly, sometimes hundreds of pounds monthly, more recently hundreds of thousands of pounds. That was when I realised just how lucrative blogging could be!

On the other hand, they can be seen as bragging. Some people see them as the blogger shouting “Look at how well I’m doing!”. They can also be considered as simply another way for bloggers to make money – you’ll notice that a lot of these reports include affiliate links to blog hosting, programmes the blogger uses and more. I’m not all that bothered by this because if that blogger can make money from that course, that tool or whatever they’re talking about, I might be able to as well!

I’ve gone back and forth over time on whether to share my own. As you’ll see next week, the decision I’ve come to is that I will be sharing blogging income reports for the time being. But more on that in my November income report next Wednesday!

Today I wanted to share a few income reports – these are the ones that are under £1000. I’ve chosen to share these as they’re aspirational and attainable for people like me: the ones who are blogging part time alongside a full time job, or are just starting up blogging.

Here are 10 recent income reports from bloggers who have earned under £1000. Make sure to check back in on these bloggers in a few months’ time as well to see whether they’ve managed to improve their monthly extra income:

  1. Maya Maceka October 2017: $907.36 (approx. £680.41)
  2. This Fairy Tale Life January 2017: $951.64 (approx. £713.61)
  3. Homely Economics October 2017: £33.11
  4. Jessi Living Lovely February 2017: $601.45 (approx. £450.71)
  5. The Nerdy Me October 2017: €165.96 (approx. £148.51)
  6. Reroute Lifestyle August 2017: $873.78 (approx. £655.23)
  7. Sunshine Seeker September 2017: $1123.43 (approx. £842.44)
  8. Budgeting to Freedom July 2017: $733.24 (approx. £549.84)
  9. Lylia Rose April 2017: £840.99
  10. Foxy Folksy August 2017: $1238.71 (approx. £928.88)

Are you interested in starting blogging so you can earn an income online too? Check out my guide to starting a blog in just FIVE easy steps here!

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10 Income reports under £1000


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